Management system policies 

Management system policies

The policies have been approved by the Management of hiberus, committing to integrate them into the daily management and leadership activities, and to review them annually to offer continuous improvement and communicate them to ensure their adequacy.

Quality Management System (QMS) Policy

The purpose of the Quality Management System (QMS) Policy is to ensure Hiberus Tecnología's ability to provide a product or service that meets the requirements of its customers and other stakeholders, enhancing their satisfaction through quality and continuous improvement. Objectives of the quality management system:

  • Proper communication and handling of management incidents.
  • The Quality Manager is responsible for maintaining this policy, procedures, and providing support in its implementation.
  • Plan, implement, maintain, review, and continually improve the QMS to optimize its operation.


Information Security Policy

The purpose of the Information Security Policy is to protect the information assets of Hiberus Tecnología.

Objectives of Information Security:

  • La Information is protected against loss of availability, confidentiality, and integrity.

  • Information is protected against unauthorized access.

  • Controls are established to ensure adherence to the Security Policy, align with the organization's risk management strategy, and establish criteria for risk estimation.

  • Security incidents are appropriately communicated and addressed.

  • The Information Security Manager is responsible for maintaining this policy, procedures, and providing support in its implementation.

This general policy is complemented by various specific policies developed in different documents referenced in the Information Security Procedure, such as data protection policy, confidentiality, access control, cryptographic controls, etc.


Environmental Management Policy

The purpose of the Environmental Management Policy is to ensure Hiberus Tecnología's commitment to minimizing environmental impact, reducing environmental costs, compliance with current legislation, pollution prevention, and incorporating environmental concepts into our activities and services.

Objectives of the environmental management system:

  • Ensure environmental protection by working in a respectful manner, preventing pollution, and minimizing environmental effects.

  • Positively influence the environmental behavior of our clients and other stakeholders.

  • Practice sustainable use of natural resources and materials, promote efficient energy use, and engage in waste reduction, reuse, and recycling practices.

  • Maintain awareness and consciousness among all our employees, encouraging their environmental training and active participation, including improvement suggestions to ensure continuous improvement.

  • Minimize environmental impact by reducing paper consumption to zero.

  • Encourage research and development of projects committed to the environment.


Service Management System Policy

The purpose of the Service Management System Policy is to ensure Hiberus Tecnología's commitment to the implementation, maintenance, and continuous improvement of the IT Service Management System that, implemented in all its areas of activity, allows ensuring compliance with customer specifications, company specifications, and legally established requirements, ensuring effective and efficient service management planning, execution, and control.

Objectives of the Service Management System:

  • Manage the provision of services by Hiberus Tecnología to customers effectively and efficiently, within a lifecycle that allows continuous improvement of the implemented processes.

  • Ensure uninterrupted service, rapid incident resolution, and high customer satisfaction.

  • Manage risks that may arise in the provision of services included in the scope.

  • Ensure that the agreed requirements through service level agreements with customers are met and maintained.

  • Allocate the necessary resources and means to develop services with the quality levels demanded by customers, maintaining a proper balance between cost and benefit.

  • Promote professionalism, specialization, and experience of staff, enhancing training and continuous updating of their knowledge through our Hiberus University and maintaining a close relationship with our customers.


Quality Policy for Software Development Processes

The purpose of the Quality Policy in software development is to ensure Hiberus Tecnología's commitment to improving software processes, i.e., improving software production processes, operations management, product maintenance, or technical support, thereby improving the quality of the resulting product.

Objectives of the Quality Management System in software development:

  • Manage the development of software by Hiberus Tecnología, having established processes and procedures, instituting an organizational base for software development.
  • Have coherent work lines for the measurement and evaluation of software development processes within the company, allowing continuous improvement of software life cycle processes.
  • Improve software development productivity through organized development within the company.
  • Achieve a competitive advantage over our competitors as our customers will be more satisfied